Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Boys

I'm behind.  November was a full month and it disappeared too quickly.  Both Elijah and Sam celebrated birthdays.  It is amazing that they have grown up so much in this last year.  They are both wonderful, sweet, kind boys and I am so blessed to be their mother. 

Happy Birthday my little men!!

Sam requested a lego brick cake.  It turned out okay.  He was pleased with it and that's what counts.

Elijah has been on an Ewok kick and he requested an ewok cake.  Um, it stumped me for a bit but thanks to the internet I realized how managable it could be (minus a bear cake pan).  Thankfully we still had Halloween candy around to use for the facial features.

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Jean said...

Sarah, I love your photos. It seems impossible you and your handsom sons were here only a few weeks ago. I agree you are blessed to have four men in your life.-