Sunday, October 2, 2011

the Beach on Assateague Island

Saturday we all loaded into the car and drove out to the Eastern Shore of MD to Assateague Island.  The drive was beautiful, over the bay bridge and mostly through farmland.  I've heard of Assateague before and it did not disappoint.  There are two parks on the barrier island, a State park and a National Shoreline park.  We went to the National park portion.  It was a perfect day: temperature in the 80's, cool ocean breeze, and it wasn't too crowded.   It was also wonderful to have Josh's brother, Naaman, his wife, Becky, and their son CJ with us.   All told we had a wonderful time at the beach!   Their faces tell it all!

Elijah and Sam took to the water immediately.  We hadn't planned on them getting soaked (I should have known) and didn't bring their swim suits.  I did plan an extra set of clothes and they sure needed them.  They loved standing in the water hanging on to Naaman as the waves crashed into them.  Ben walked around with Josh along the beach and liked walking into the water in small quantities.  Sometimes he was squealling with joy, others he wasn't so sure about it all. 

We collected sea shells, caught a small sand crab, and even caught a small oyster who stuck his tongue out at us.  The boys loved it all.  I look forward to going again.

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Jean said...

Ilove the boys at the beach! Thanks for sharing them.