Friday, September 2, 2011

Guilty Picture Dump

Crazy!  my life has been a bit CRAZY!  I still don't know where July went let alone August.  Summer came and went so quickly and school has started again despite an earthquake and hurricane the week before.  Our summer was filled with trips, visitors, lazy days, and family fun.  Can I just say I love my family and LOVE spending time with them.  I've got the CUTEST family out there.  Just saying ;)

Okay, so I find I don't often have the extra mental capacity to pull of the caliber of blog post I would like to, so I keep putting it off and then I'm hit with the guilt that it didn't get done, and then it continues to not get done because by then there are other things that are blog worthy that too are getting put off.... a vicious cycle. 


here is your guilt free picture dump.  I've got cute kids and I'm going to flaunt them.  The pictures will have to speak for themselves, literally -- cause if I think about it, it wont happen. 

[can you tell it's been a long day and I crashed about 7:30 and I'm not quite normal right now? :) ]


Our back yard! Oh the bugs are worth it when it looks like this

Baltimore Science Museum

Massive water table in the Baltimore Science Museum

Fort McHenry

My cute man

Gunpowder Falls State Park
Hmm... Where's Josh?  Could he be the ONLY blindingly white figure?

Trilobite hunting Sam

Tarp + hose + baby soap = slipin' slide at Grammies

If thay doesn't express the joy of summer I don't know what does.

Star Wars Party

Cheezing for the camera


chrisy said...

What a fun summer. I'm so glad we got to be a part of it!!

Celeste said...

so so cute, it is only missing pics of the cute mommy!!! Missed you when you came to Utah, maybe next time we can see eachother. Love you tons!!!

Esther said...

I've seen lots of pictures of Elijah and Sam and they are cuties! I haven't seen many pictures of Benjamin. He's just beautiful! Can I use that word for a boy?