Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy Beautiful FALL

I am currently at my parents' house helping with the final plans for my sister's wedding (or "wetting" as Elijah often calls it).  I haven't been here during the Fall for a few years now.  The beauty of the area takes my breath away.  My parents live on the side of a mountain in a thickly wooded community.  This week the leaves have been peaking in colors of yellow, orange, and red.  It is absolutely stunning!  The sun would reflect off of the golden leaves into my mother's kitchen and make the whole room glow.  My brother Mat took Anna's bridal photos Saturday amid the beautiful trees.  The pictures are gorgeous!  I'm jealous!

 Last night a strom blew through and this morning the whole scene was changed with the ground coated with crunchy golden leaves, the dark bare branches silloetted agaisnt the gold of the remaining leaves, and the wind churning the leaves into the air around you.  I am jealous of those who get to live here all the time and are able to view the changing of the seasons is such an intimate way.  (Granted there is the leaf clean up that does come with it.  My dad is not looking forward to the hours it's going to take him to collect all the leaves.)

My mom, Anna, and I are all feeling overwhelmed with the wedding plans right now.  I'm confident that things will all come together though.  I'm excited to see it all come together.  It's a beautiful time of year to get married though it comes with more than its share of stresses.  I'm not sure Anna would recommend getting married in the middle of a school semester and marching band commitements.  She is stressed enough without the stresses that come with getting married.  Well, we each have our lists and slowly we are working through the final details.  We get excited everytime we get to cross something off our list!  Tomorrows another day with much to do!

(I have cute pictures of the boys on my camera.  I'll get them up when I get a chance!)

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Charis said...

I saw on an infomercial something I was tempted to get my dad, it was a yard blower, vaccum, mulcher. It sucks up the leaves and mulches them all at once. . . it looked pretty nifty. your dad might like it. but then again, it might suck up his whole yard, does he need to clean up the leaves in the wooded area for fire purposes? or does he just clean up the leaves in the grassy areas?