Saturday, September 26, 2009

Riding Bikes

My blog has been notably lacking pictures lately.  I made a point of grabbing the camera today when we took the boys out to ride their bikes in the parking lot.  I found Sam a bike at a consignment store last week and he is loving it.  He is SO proud of it and is doing really well at learning how to pedal and steer.  Elijah is quickly learning how to ride his bike too.  (We've been slacker parents and haven't given him many opprotunites to ride).  The boys had a great time riding around and around the parking lot.  Eventually they got tired.  Sam stopped his bike and I offered to help him get going again, because he often gets stuck and can't turn the pedals and start again, but he said "Mo my bike is resting." 


Charis said...

Cute! Sam is still the cutest nephew I have. If I have a boy like sam, then I will be able to handle it. . . otherwise I am praying for a girl. . . boys scare me!

Jean said...

Darling boys, cute photos. Great to see your blog.